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What is LISK?

Lisk is a white label blockchain that allows people to create blockchain applications with a Lisk token system. The Lisk blockchain is based on consensus. The whole point of the Lisk blockchain is to help create scalable solutions for micro blockchain endeavours – with the helpful use of sidechains that work outside of the blockchain but in unison with the core demands of the blockchain technology. The functionality of Lisk is the unique selling point of the whole technology. The Lisk token has a strong foundation.

Why the big fuss?

The Lisk token technology has a lot going for it. Let us look at the advantages of the token technology:

  • Sidechains – the bloated networks of Bitcoin and other crypto technologies have resulted in slow transactions and increased costs. Sidechains help to work around the transfer issues by developing established sideway pathways throughout the core blockchain technology.
  • Lisk has placed Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) at the heart of the token. This means the token has a strong security platform underpinning the crypto technology.

What can I buy with LISK?

Lisk is a young token without the pedigree of Bitcoin. The inability to use Lisk in a purposeful way is down to the immaturity of the technology and the management of the service. Lisk adds a lot of value but it needs to grow a userbase and a community before its purpose can be fully realised. This means at the moment it isn’t a means of exchange more an asset class until  more people jump onboard the Lisk network.

Where can I buy, sell or trade LISK?

We recommend you buy, sell or trade Lisk at a trusted broker. Our favourite is at the top of this page. You can read our reviews of the top brokers here.

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